Email marketing software, which worth attention

Email marketing software, which worth attention

In the article, we will list the leading email marketing software to emphasize the pros and cons of each one

What is email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most significant strategies for making business in digital format. It requires developing and optimizing digital marketing tools very often to run the business effectively. Smart software services are appearing to make the process of emailing easier and more functional. Digital marketing workers do a lot of work every day to reach better results:

  • Growing the list of potential customers of the company
  • Engaging the existing clients
  • Making attractive options to raise the number of people signed up for the website
  • Tracking the information about emails
  • Organizing excellent management and reporting

Working for digital marketing requires good knowledge, valuable experience in the sphere, and a strong desire to work. To make the process easier and more available for a specialist, software tools are presented in the email marketing industry.

So, why stay in the digital format and optimize your affairs with software:

  • Control of data – When sending emails to subscribers, you know everything about them. In this case, you control the process. Social media platforms aren’t as smart in advertising, you cannot be sure if the person shares the information.
  • Emailing is for a lifetime – As a matter of fact, people don’t change their email addresses for a couple of years. On the contrary, social media platforms appear and then go. Keeping in touch with customers via emails is considered to be a perspective.
  • Flexibility – When you start working in email marketing, you organize a list of customers which you can easily grow and shorten. You choose the option of how to influence each customer to persuade the person in the smartness of the proposed product.
  • Availability – With access to the internet you can organize your work quickly. You don’t need much time to write an email, send it, and track the response.

Top software tools at 2021

HubSpot pros

  • Large assortment of social media management tools
  • CRM integration is available with the platform
  • Stellar digital marketing automation

HubSpot cons

  • It is considered to be rather expensive as a leading marketing software tool
  • It requires deep knowledge

Constant contact pros

  • Smart UI included
  • Proposes social media integration formats
  • Vast assortment of commerce integration

Constant contact cons

  • Unstable pricing on different levels of use
  • It isn’t considered to be flexible

Zoho Campaigns pros

  • Smart email marketing tools
  • Well-designed reports options
  • Integration with Zoho CRM

Zoho Campaigns cons

  • Dated templates
  • Expensive solution
  • Long setup feature

So, as you can see, email marketing software is an affordable solution for the modernization of your business affairs in the digital marketing industry. You can easily send millions of emails, tracking them for the response, view whether they have been opened or not, and what’s more, you can straightforwardly write a compelling offer for your subscribers with these software services.