Email marketing specialist salaries - comparison review

Email marketing specialist salaries – comparison review

In the review, we will get acquainted with digital marketing and compare email marketing specialist salaries at 2021

Email marketing

Email marketing is considered to be a multifunctional marketing strategy for sending emails to customers. The procedure is covered effectively if the customer who buys once becomes a raven fan of the proposed product. This is how email marketing works. For this reason, you have to organize your list of potential customers. To achieve this situation successfully you have to manage the target option to attract clients with a compelling offer.

The offer should be something valuable for customers that you can propose for free:

  • A free type of consultation
  • Important tips or self-assessment
  • Free ebooks
  • Interesting webinars

You can add more attractive ideas to the line to grow your list of potential customers. Following tips should be taken into consideration to improve your offerings:

  • Easy navigation (customers won’t be attracted by a long webinar or a boring quiz)
  • Valuable option (it should be as valuable as a product itself, so the clients will know that their favourite product is improving)
  • Actionable tools (it might be useful information for your type of audience)
  • Immediately available (quick access to the offering is a highly motivated option for customers)

If you are doing everything properly, the return is really huge and valuable. It is not considered to be complicated if you follow the instructions. It is important to be a guest for your customers, so they know you are respectful and polite. They will value this aspect.

Digital marketing specialist salaries

Specialists are dealing with relationships on different levels. They provide positive communication options for new potential clients and engage the existing customers. Building relationships is one of the most important issues when obtaining new buyers and keeping interest in the old ones to grow your marketing list of clients. Writing emails properly and effectively is also a part of a specialist’s job. Tracking results of emailing and building strategies to modify and improve digital marketing issues of your company is up to you. What’s more, you often use email marketing software.

When searching for a job as an email marketing specialist, you need an academic degree at least as a type of formal experience. Informal experience can be directly reached with freelance in digital marketing and taking up certification marketing courses. You can also handle training for free at first. Focusing on money when starting working is up to you to decide. Negotiating the salary is one of the aspects when applying for a job. Mind, employers often propose low salaries at first. You have to value your work and be confident in what you are doing best.

Popular jobs before specialist

  • Customer service representative
  • Internship
  • Coordinator

Popular jobs after specialist

  • Manager
  • Specialist
  • Consultant

The average salary is $55000 per year, that is $25 per hour. In some countries, it is up to $70000 per year.